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Dancing in the Moonlight

Olá amigos!


Today was jam packed with ideas and debate as students discussed "Ocean Literacy" and how to use this tool for sharing the value of our world's ocean with friends and family back home. We explored creative solutions in everything from engineering to the fashion industry and focused on personalizing our conversation to relate to a wider audience. 



We picked up the pace this afternoon and tried our hand (or should I say our feet) at a traditional Portuguese dance class! Learning every step may have been challenging but students rose to the occasion and showed off their moves. Check out some hilarious videos of it here:




Always a treat enjoying free time and exploring our beautiful town of Setubal!



I see Jupiter!


We ended the evening just outside our city underneath the stars and surrounded by nature. Our talented marine biologists guided us through the solar system's scale and depth while hunting down constellations. We discussed bioluminescence in fireflies and the role it plays in building populations.


Até à próxima!