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Daily update- Isabella & Elise

Thanks to Elise & Isabella for their blog post!


Today was the first time I've ever not slept through my alarm clock! I usually wake up hella late and have to shove my food down as I'm running up the hill to the bus, but today I was able to take my sweet old time. Edwardo was basically on time and we drove once again to the school. As always we played basketball and did arts and crafts with most of the kids while others sprayed the hose at the poor oblivious counselors walking past. I made the mistake of walking past the splash zone about three times and I was completely soaked every time!! Stickers and candy were handed out at the end and we said our goodbyes for the day early so our group could have a little time to get together and fix some of our mistakes. Then headed home, ate a hardy lunch of chicken, plantains, and a ton of rice, and took a fat nap for a good hour.

Elise and I then trekked up the hill again on one of our many 15 minute walks and then drove to the baseball stadium. We walked around it, saw a room with a bunch of trophies, looked in the gift shop and then drove to a field to play baseball with some locals. The other group joined us and we all desperately attempted to play decently, but as expected many of us had much room to improve. I batted terribly, and promptly after missing my first two balls (I got two strikes? I really don't know how to put this into words hahah) I whacked the ball right into the pitchers mitt. Honestly pretty pathetic, but I was juiced that I hit the ball!! I hit again later and made it to first base but unfortunately still not a star player. Then took some pictures, got some Instagrams of the players, and dipped. Many of us then had plans to get our nails done but that didn't work out because of a loooottt of factors coming into play so instead we ate some sweet frog!! Now I'm home, tired, not so into the idea of working on my presentation but it's all good because at the end of it I can treat myself to a shower!! Today's fact on Isabella- showers are no matter what the highlight of my day!! So yeah it was an incredible day as usual! 



Today I actually woke up at a decent time and had crackers for breakfast because our host mom had to leave early in the morning and didn't have time to make us breakfast. Our usual walk to the bus stop takes 15 minutes which is exhausting every time but we stop to pet this dog everyday that's our buddy. The bus was on time today which was great because we didn't have to stand in the heat for too long. At the summer camp I played basketball with some kids and got a cat painting on my face, I also talked to other students in my program about the trip coming to an end and that none of us our ready to leave. After an amazing lunch consisting of rice, beans, chicken, and plantains we got to go the baseball field and stand on the grass! Baseball is very popular in this country and means a lot to the people so being given the opportunity to stand on that field meant a lot even though I'm not that big of a baseball fan. Just being able to experience what others love and my not have the opportunity to ever do was incredible. We also got the pleasure of playing baseball with a little league which was  pretty fun and I enjoyed seeing others having fun.  Finishing the day off I went out for ice cream and fries with some of my girls we had I great time enjoying the night life and laughing with one another and being blessed with the company of wonderful people.