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Cuevas y Fuentes

¡Hola, hola!

We are officially in our second week here in Alicante!  As I'm sure you all can tell, we have already done so much!

This weekend the students spent their first weekend with friends and their familia española Friday afternoon and all of Saturday.  On Sunday, we went on a group excursion to Las Cuevas de Canelobre and Las Fuentes de Algar.  We started out at the cuevas (caves) learning all about their history.


After exploring the huge cave in Busot, we headed to the fuentes to spend a few hours exploring, swimming, jumping and playing in waterfalls. 

IMG_5469 IMG_4314(1)


IMG_5478 IMG_5474 IMG_5477


Such a fun way to spend the day!  Much more to come this week!

Besos y abrazos desde Alicante.