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Croke Park, the Bohemian Football Club, and Howth

Dublin's global entrepreneurs have continued with the theme of sports culture in Ireland by visiting two different athletic stadiums and comparing them from a business perspective.  On Thursday morning, we toured Croke Park, the hub of the Gaelic Athletic Association in Dublin.  This park is a national cultural center with historical significance and the stadium draws huge crowds for Gaelic football and hurling matches.  Students were able to explore the park, as well as visit the GAA museum.  Students will have the opportunity to attend an important match at Croke Park this Sunday, and we are definitely excited that we'll be there cheering on Dublin! 




Later that afternoon, we switched gears by visiting the Bohemian Football Club.  This is a club that has a much more local feel and is interested in increasing its success by coming up with new approaches for its marketing, membership, and community outreach.  As a main project for their global entrepreneurship class, our students will be consulting Bohemians on ways to improve these aspects.  Our global navigators were able to meet with several of the club's leaders and even a few players to learn more about the club's values and its image.  We can't wait to return to the stadium for a match next week and to dive into the business aspect of this team. 



On Friday, our group switched gears and took a train out to the coastal town of Howth for a short day trip.  We were able to enjoy some hiking and fresh seafood in this quaint, touristic town.  Students also analyzed Howth's strengths and weaknesses as a potential location for a business.  Tomorrow, students will concluding the project we began earlier in the week and will be presenting their business pitches for their new ice cream, doughnut, or coffee shops.  Students are to compare the options of a suburban shopping center, a city centre storefront, and a touristic village (like Howth) and make a pitch for the business they feel would thrive in the location.  We can't wait to see the results of their research in their presentations tomorrow and will surely have more updates to follow. IMG_4856


Thanks for the read and stay posted for more exciting news from our Dublin team!