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Misty Monteverde: The Last Stop of the Global Navigators in Costa Rica

After nearly three weeks in Costa Rica, the Global Navigators finally made their way up to their final stop in the country - up, up, up into the mountains to a town called Monteverde, which just happens to be one of the world's hotspots of biodiversity and a best-case-scenario for conservation. Here, the Global Navigators learned about the history and culture of the town, as well as methods that they might apply in order to protect the biodiversity that they learned the value of in Corcovado. 

Once they got up to Monteverde, they all said to themselves, "Hey, what better way to start our time in Monteverde than with a hike into the famous, beautiful cloud forest."

Well said, Global Navigators; that is exactly what they did. 


A local expert guide points out endemic plants and animals to the students 

IMG_4395Into the cloud forest 


A family photo at the hanging bridge 


The Navigators perch on the continental divide between the Pacific and Atlantic slopes 

IMG_4590Deep inside the cloud forest 

After they emerged from the cloud forest, it was time for the Navigators to embark on their final survival Spanish lesson; but this was no ordinary Spanish class - it was a cooking class! The Navigators worked with the cooks to prepare their dinner, and worked on their Spanish skills while they were at it.


Joe was really excited about getting to wear this sweet hair net 

IMG_4634Jennie was even more excited than Joe 


But I think Cajmir was the most excited of them all 

IMG_4648Julie didn't want her photo taken with the hair net, but luckily Grace was there to help the photographer out 

IMG_4670Hannah, Christine, and Hailey work hard at the veggie station 

IMG_4687Callie, Grace, Jennie, and Luke made a delicious dinner  

The Navigators had a blast in Monteverde - from zip-lining and talks from local conservation organizations to polyculture farm tours and night hikes in the cloud forest,  it was the perfect final stop on the Costa Rica trip. On their last morning in town, they even got to interview local teenagers to compare their environmental footprints with their Costa Rican peers.


I guess Kayla and Grace thought the local boys were pretty dreamy 

IMG_4716Instructors Gisella and Priscilla are teaching how to reduce your impact on the planet 

IMG_4722Michael has discovered the best way to learn; ask good questions 

 And that was it. That evening, the Global Navigators drove back down to San Jose for their final dinner, discussed their favorite moments of their trip and everything that they learned, enjoyed Callie's paper plate awards, and settled in for their last night in Central America. The next morning, one by one, they journeyed back to the United States. 

They had learned a lot about biodiversity, sustainability, and conservation; they had also learned the importance of the individual in the broader scheme of things. They had learned that they possessed the power to change the world; all they needed to do was to keep exploring, to keep learning and asking questions, and to continue navigating the globe.

Big thanks to all of our awesome students and incredible staff - it was a summer none of us will soon forget!

Check back here for news from Session 2!


Trevor Ritland