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Challenges: The Physical and The Emotional

These past two days have presented many physical and emotional challenges.  On Sunday, the group hiked up Lion's Head.  It took about two hours both ways and left us all very exhausted. But, the view of Cape Town from the top of the mountain made all the hard work worth it.


Today, on Monday, we started the day in a South African school, which gave us a more classroom-oriented approach to learning the culture. In two groups, comprised of CIEE kids and local school teens our age, we learned the very basics of either Afrikaans or Xhosa.  It was a big challenge, but we had fun learning with our new friends.


After lunch, we visited a non-profit children's hospital for those in need of rehabilitation.  We bonded with the children and grew close to them through games and other interactions.  We had a debrief about this experience after dinner, in which we discussed how we felt.  In general, there were many overwhelming emotions from not only the scenes of hardships but also that of joy. DSC_0525