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Beach Clean Up Day!!

Today our students got a firsthand understanding of the problem of marine litter. With 100 other volunteers, out students took to the Troia beach to participate in a community beach clean. Students were surprised to find everything from tires to grease balls to rusted umbrellas among the already staggering amounts of plastic and glass debris. 

Students learned about how many of the debris that ends up in the ocean comes from rivers and coastal areas. Debris can cause serious consequences for marine life as it entangles and often kills animals. Further, students learned that plastics in particular break down into small pieces called  micro-plastics overtime which is consumed by wildlife including zooplankton! This means that plastic is directly entering the food chain and could cause health issues in marine life and humans alike!


Our students with other volunteers on the ferry to the beach clean up!

After the clean up and lunch on the newly clean beach, students returned to Setubal to work on their final projects. Finally students ended the day with an evening walk and ice cream!