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Another student perspective: Ellia Morse

Many of our students have been engaging in journaling as a means for processing their whirlwind three-week experience.  One student, Ellia Morse, offered to share her experiences from one of our days last week and her response is below: 

    This morning our my group presented plans to set up a food stores in a variety of locations as a project to learn more about setting up a business and the Irish market. My team had the idea of having a coffee shop in the seaside village of Howth and we also looked at hypothetically sponsoring the Gaelic Games club, Beann Eadair there as a way to advertise and also invest in the local community.
    After lunch at Dublin City University we took the bus to the city center and waited to take a Viking splash tour, which was similar to a duck tour. After sampling the  gelato in a nearby shop we boarded the vehicle and took a tour of Dublin city, and learned about its history and origins. For example, did you know that Constance Markievicz was the first woman elected to the British House of Commons and she fought in the Irish Easter uprising against Britain, so there's a statue of her in Stephen's Green park? 
    It was kind of funny to do such a touristic activity but it was so much fun to hear while wearing Viking hats and driving around the city and through the river. 
    That evening we went back to the campus and had breakout sessions. My group focused on cultural intelligence, and how when a business is spread globally you have to be aware and respectful of cultural differences otherwise that can lead to uninformed and counterproductive  advertising. 
    After a full day of presenting and learning everyone was exhausted. We went to sleep having completed a successful day and looking forward to the next adventure.
(Monday, July 17 - Ellia Morse)