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Exploring the Greatness of Maine

After another week of hard work by our students it was time for the resident staff to take over and begin another fun weekend. We started off the weekend with a Friday afternoon trip to two of Maine's most recognizable landmarks; the photogenic Portland Head Light and the slightly less popular, Target, a department store located in South Portland. It's hard to know which the students enjoyed more--the ocean scene or the candy aisle? The students were tasked with finding and photographing various marketing techniques during the trip. After, we returned home to get some rest before our next adventure.

Saturday morning we took off for a hike up Bradbury mountain located in Pownal, Maine. It was a hot day, but the students kept positive attitudes the whole climb to the summit. We enjoyed the view and snapped quite a few photos before heading back down and taking off for our next activity. We spent the afternoon at the famous Clam Fest in Yarmouth. Students explored booths of local eats, artists, and music. It was a true authentic taste of Maine culture! We returned back to campus for a late afternoon swim and a pizza party. Students are currently winding down their long Saturday with games of pool, ping pong, and cards. A few are out playing guitar on the porch and reading on the couches. 

It's been an absolute blast getting to explore Maine with such amazing kids and I'm looking forward to the many more adventures to come before the end of the program. 


Portland Head Light
Egils taking in America at Portland Head Light

The boys G&g

Gediminas buying candy for his "friends"