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A Look into a CIEE HSSA Digital Filmmaking and Documentary Class in Seville, Spain

The Global Navigators have been working hard in their Digital Filmmaking and Documentary class. Students attend class Monday through Friday evenings from 6-9 pm in the CIEE Palacio. The CIEE Study Center in Seville is referred to as "The Palace."


Their teacher Carlos, does an amazing job of teaching students the history of documentary filmmaking, film techniques, and survival and film specific Spanish. Carlos is an incredible teacher who has a strong background in documentary filmmaking, photography, and language teaching. He has an amazing talent of engaging each and every student and bringing out their unique personalities and strengths to help them grow as a young filmmaker. Carlos has a very unique and engaging teaching style. He teaches in a way where he does not simply tell students information, but rather provides them with the necessary tools for them to learn individually, and expand the talents and knowledge that they already have.


Tonight's Spanish lesson included a competition to see which group could create the best song in Spanish communicating their "food needs with their host families." Some popular phrases were "No quiero más pan" (I don't want anymore bread) and "no me gusto el gazpacho" (I don't like gazpacho).


Micah and Jay working hard to create their song together.

After all groups presented their songs, the group made a unanimous decision that Argenis and Theo won the contest with their unique rap remix.


Carlos takes a moment to let the students teach him a few colloquial phrases in English. LOL XD

Okay, stay tuned for more class updates! The students are working on a final project that they will be finishing next week, and presenting on the last day of class (where did the time go)!