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Weekend Excursion to Monción and Montecristi

This weekend the students had the opportunity to visit the northeastern coastal regions of Monción and Montecristi.

Upon arriving, we saw the Presa de Monción, the region’s hydroelectric dam.


Then, students enjoyed a traditional Dominican dinner followed by s’mores and live merengue music by the fire. On Saturday, we toured a casabe (bread made from yucca) factory as well as an artisan’s furniture studio. At the factory, some students even got a chance to try their hand at the craft of casabe making.


After a busy morning, we hopped in the river for a refreshing swim.

On Sunday, we arrived at Montecristi. Located in the northwestern part of the Cibao Valley, Montecristi is a beautiful natural escape with numerous beaches. Students took a boat tour of the mangroves and jumped in the water to explore the indigenous marine flora. After that, we headed to a private beach, where we swam around and took in the scenery before lunch.


After making our way back to Santiago, our host families welcomed us home with open arms and plenty of fried plantains.

¡Hasta ahorita!