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Seeing the sights

Yesterday students experienced the city through riding on the back of a song-teow (Thailand public transportation) during a city tour! We rode through the Khon Kaen University campus, stopped at the city shrine downtown to get our fortunes told, and climbed the steps of the tallest temple in Khon Kaen for a beautiful panoramic view. And a little monsoon weather didn't hold us back - it was pouring rain when we left!

Filled with ideas of places to visit and explore during their free time, the students are taking their first Thai language course today and will have their first sessions on Environmental Science and Policy.


At the city shrine getting our fortunes read.


Enjoying the view from the temple!


Smile, it's your first song-teow ride together as a group!


Group photo at the Khon Kaen city shrine, after the rain finally stopped.