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Bonaire Week 2!

On Monday, 7/18, students traveled north to Washington Slagbaai National Park, Bonaire's marine protected area.

Here is Katie Love posing in front of Seru Bentana! In the back, you can see some of the students beginning the decent down the hill.


Some of the students overlooking the cliffs on the northern shore.


On Tuesday, students completed their first open water dive, and spent time in the laboratory identifying Plankton they had collected! Some of the students spotted this White Spotted Filefish pictured below.


The students' second open water dive was on Wednesday, along with a snorkel at Buddy Dive. Hello, Flounder!


Thursday morning, the students dissected Lionfish. Later, we went on a snorkel and ate a delicious BBQ dinner at teacher Cinde's house! Below is a picture of some of the students watching a sunset- isn't the view from Cinde's beautiful?!


Friday, students worked on their independent research projects, snorkeled, and listened to a guest speaker: Dr. Larsen!

The students had well-deserved time off on Saturday to go into town and snorkel again! On Sunday, we all went to Klein, an even smaller island off of the coast of Bonaire!

Monday, students windsurfed! Below is a picture of Alyssa doing a great job!


Today (Tuesday), students completed their third and fourth open water dives. They are all well on their way to certification!!!!


Above is Carrington giving the double "OK" sign!