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Today we left a little piece of heaven known as Corcovado. We stayed at a beautiful and rustic hostel known as Jungla del Jaguar. We met a group of incredible people who took extremely good care of us, learned to appreciate the little things, and explored a tremendous amount of biodiversity. Here are some of our amazing stories from our time there.

1. We travelled to Corcovado from Sierpe by boat. Along the way we saw squirrel monkeys and a crocodile in the mangroves.

2. While staying at the Jungla del Jaguar we met incredible people including Suzanna who owns the hostel and surrounding lands, Lila and Suli who cooked delicious food for us, Oswaldo and Plinio who helped us carry our luggage, assisted us in and out of the boats, and most importantly took care of insect problems and feed us fresh coconuts straight from the trees. Finally, we can't forget Dylan who's an American study abroad exchange student who's helping at the hostel for three weeks. He hiked with us and took care of any handyman stuff we needed. Throughout our time there we really grew to love these people and were sad to say goodbye.

3. On our first day we went hiking through the rainforest and heard amazing stories from our instructor Dr. Alan Masters. We stopped along the way and saw helicopter damsel fly, white faced monkeys, learned how leaves got their color, explored the density of the rainforest and so much more.

4. We had a fun-filled day on the water that started by seeing a mom and baby humpback whale, we snorkeled the coral reef, had a picnic at a national park, and walked to a big beautiful waterfall with a cold freshwater spring. These are only a few of our highlights. Needless to say we had an incredible trip. Tomorrow we are traveling to Isla de Chara. This is a remote island and the students will have no wifi. There may be an opportunity for us to blog and we will if we can but plan to not hear from your daughters until Thursday night. Hasta Leugo!